Vivienne O’Connor is a slow fashion brand focused on creating occasion wear for women that is both stylish and sustainable

 How are we being sustainable?

  • We carefully source our fabrics from ethical fabric mills in Europe, with the majority coming from a small family-owned mill in Italy. Our other fabrics are made in England and France. 
  • Our garments are never massed-produced and only made on order, ensuring there is as little fabric waste as possible. 
  • We strategically cut the garments to reduce fabric waste as much as possible.
  • Any leftover fabric is offered to customers, so, for example, they can arrange to have a matching headpiece made.
  • We make as many garments as possible in Ireland to reduce our carbon footprint from transportation.
  • Recycled products are used wherever possible, which currently includes our packaging, buttons, labels and swings tags. 

What makes us a slow fashion brand?

  • Our designs are timeless and not defined by seasons.  
  • We focus on quality rather than trends. 
  • We create our garments using premium fabrics, meaning they can last a lifetime if cared for properly.